Gift certificates 

Who doesn't love the gift of relaxation and wellness?  You can purchase online and print or email to your recipient or arrange a pick up time with us by calling or texting 508-677-5040.

Available in individual sessions or pre-paid packages.

Meet Steph Bedard, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Being a massage therapist is a job for some, but for Steph the healing arts is a calling.  She is a MA licensed massage therapist, a graduate of The Newport Massage School and has completed multiple John Barnes Myofascial Release Seminars.  She is a Reiki Master and has received Energy Medicine and Sacred Sound Healing Certification from Fairhaven Healing Center.  She continues to learn and take classes to better herself and help her clients.  She is dedicated and committed to her client's health and well being and receiving a massage in her calming, grounded presence will help settle your busy mind and keep you coming back regularly for these Integrative Sessions designed for Body, Mind and Spirit.  

Myofascial Release (john barnes)

Non-invasive style of bodywork that works with the body's three dimensional web of connective tissue using a gentle, sustained compression or pulling to soften and lengthen to help relive pain from restrictions in the fascial system. Addresses the whole body allowing you to get to the root of the cause not just the symptom.  

3 or 5 Pack pre-paid packages

Save time and money with these pre-paid packages.  Savings of at least 10% and preferred scheduling.  Pre-paid packages are an investment in your health and well being.  We accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards.    

60 Minute Sessions- Package of 3-$210, 5-$350 

90 Minute Sessions- Package of 3-$300, 5- $500 

120 Minute Sessions-Package of 3-$390, 5-$650 

Available in 60, 90 or 120 Minute Sessions 

Integrative Massage Sessions Customized Just For You with Any or All of These

Swansea Spa &

Myofascial Release


60, 90 or 120 Minute sessions

Our sessions are customized to your needs and wants.  We do not offer cookie-cutter, one size fits all massage.  We find out what you are looking for before your 60, 90 or 120 minute Integrative Massage Session.  

Our individual sessions are as follows:

60 Minute- $75 

90 Minute- $110 

120 Minute- $140 


sound healing & Energy medicine 

Sound Healing and Energy Medicine helps to restore balance, rejuvenate your body and promote emotional wellbeing.  We work with sound and vibration (crystal and Tibetan bowls, rattles, drums, etc) to bring about clarity and balance, improve sleep, memory and concentration, and promote healing.  Most people find it very peaceful and calming.   


traditional massage

A combination of long, sweeping strokes combined with some friction with pressure to specific tight areas helping release tense muscles.  We use with warm, organic massage oil, aromatherapy, warm towels and hot stones if requested.  Very helpful for stress reduction, relaxation and centering your mind, body and spirit.