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Myofascial Release


 Mindful Massage 

This custom massage is designed to address your needs whether tension, pain, restricted range of motion or relaxation.  Each session includes a guided meditation which calms the mind, allows you to reach deeper levels of relaxation, and provides an overall sense of well-being.   

​Choose a 60 or 90 minute session and experience the benefits of Mindful Massage!

60 Minutes  $80          Two Visits Each Month $150

90 Minutes  $120        Two Visits Each Month $220

Meet Robin Tanguay

Robin offers a safe environment for each individual to access healing and truly believes that our bodies have the innate ability to heal from both physical and emotional trauma.  She works at Swansea Spa Wednesdays and Saturdays but can possibly be available on different days by request.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in MA and RI, John Barnes Myofascial Release Advanced Practioner, Usui Reiki Master, Author of The Willingness to Change: Twelve Steps to Transformation Through Your Handwringing and owns Radiance MFR, a Wellness Studio in Greenville RI. Robin offers the following services:


Two therapists work in a complementary way but are not exact mirror opposites as one may be at the head of the table relaxing your neck while the other therapist works at the foot of the table working on reflex points on your feet.  A seamless dance for total relaxation with the added benefit of a 90 minute full body massage in 45 minutes with the added bonus of a Guided Meditation and Sound Healing to complete this experience for Mind, Body & Soul.

45 Minutes with 2 Therapists $111  

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage 

Experience this seasonal special!  Allow your tension to melt away with this client favorite which combines traditional massage with the added bonus of heated stones gliding over the body for total relaxation.  

This Ayurvedic treatment calms the nervous system, increases circulation and promotes better sleep.  

Book this 90 minute special today and return to the warmth of summer!

90 Minutes  $129*         Special Rate available until 12/31